ABC Symposium on Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience



How does consciousness arise in our brains?

Understanding the mechanisms which allow for the chatting between millions of neurons to give rise to our conscious perception of the world is a daunting scientific task. A panel of internationally renowned experts will speak on this topic and discuss fundamental questions in the field together with Honorary Frijda Chair Wolf Singer. Topics will include: What are the fundamental ingredients and brain mechanisms of conscious perception? How do we measure consciousness in people who are awake, sleeping, or even in coma? And could machines, or artificial neural networks, develop some form of consciousness?


Organized by:

Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies

Amsterdam Brain and Cognition Center

University of Amsterdam


Coordinated by: Jorge Mejias, Cyriel Pennartz


The ABC Symposium is a part of the 2022 ABC Summer School which is a 12-day full-time program, for selected students.  The students will be given the opportunity to dive into topics given from the hand of world-renowned experts from the fields of neuroscience, psychology and AI. Lectures from local, national and international experts. The programme will be complemented by hands-on workshops and tutorials, where students will learn to apply some of the contents covered in the lectures aided by experienced tutors. The ABC Symposium is a wrap up on ‘Computations in Consciousness and Perception’ with distinguished lecturers and the participation of students, lecturers and tutors.